Our FAQs should be as follows

How do I get admitted?

There are two ways a student can get admitted, that’s online and manual method.
Online method, you simply click on register button, which will take you straight away to our online Registration form, fill in your details, attach the scanned copies of your academic documents and submit.
Manual method of regulation, you simply send your academic documents to our official email address which is
Then our admission team will send you an application form to fill with in 24 hours, once you receive your application form download, print, and fill it attach your passport size photo on the top right corner of the Registration page then after scan it and send it back to the same College email address.
Within three working days, you will receive an admission letter once all your uploaded documents are found authentic.

How do I receive lectures?

If you’re on distance learning program, you will receive simplified PowerPoint format presented lecture materials through your email address and you begin reading as you wait for exam timetable from the College.

What do I do if I find hard concepts in my lecture materials?

Well, if you notice and hard concepts in the reading materials provided by the College, immediately you notify you country coordinator about that concept, then the country coordinator will contact the College about your issue, where College will arrange for you live classes either through Skype or Zoom between the student and the College lecture to comprehend that particular concept.

How do I receive my academic Transcript and a Certificate??

Once a student completes his or her Diploma requirements, the academic documents are certified by the College Registrar and the Principal, then the College posts them through DHL.

How long does it take to receive results?

After a student completes exams, it takes a maximum of 3 weeks to receive results.

How do I pay my tuition fees to the College?

We have two methods of payments that’s Online payment and Manual Payment.
For online payment you simply follow the tab on the nav bar of our website and follow the instructions.
For Manual Payments, you just contact your country coordinator to give you the College account, EVC Plus number, or Mobile Money for that particular country.